National Law Firm Sanford Heisler Sharp Investigates Suicide at Facebook

Sanford Heisler Sharp represents the family of the Facebook employee who was involved in the tragic suicide on Facebook’s campus in Menlo Park, California.

Our firm is conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death.

We have met with Facebook attorneys and representatives and will continue those conversations with Facebook in the days and weeks to come.

There seems to be conflicting information about the circumstances related to the death.  We are sorting through inconsistent reports in an effort to determine the truth for the family.

The family greatly appreciates community support and encourages people with information to come forward. Many members of the Facebook community and from around the world have already reached out.  We welcome anyone with information to contact us.

The family asks that the identity of the family and their loved one not be disclosed in public comment or on social media.

If you have what you believe to be relevant information, please contact Sanford Heisler Sharp at
415-795-2020 or via email:

Qiaojing Ella Zheng, San Francisco Partner, Chair of Asian American Litigation and Finance

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