“Biggest verdict ever awarded in an employment discrimination class action.” - American Lawyer
“Big Law has a big problem, and it’s called Sanford Heisler Sharp.” - AmLaw
“Iconic Law Firm” - Jane Genova
“When it comes to high stakes cases it's all about skill, not size.” - National Law Journal
“Game Changing” - Wall Street Journal
“Best Plaintiffs' Employment Practice” - Law360
“On the winning side in overtime litigation.” - American Lawyer
H. Vincent Deborah K. Marcuse Andrew Melzer Charles Field Steve Kelly
Jeremy Heisler
David Sanford
Kevin Sharp
Ed Chapin Russell Kornblith Kate Mueting Alexandra Harwin Michael Palmer Saba Bireda
David Sanford

We represent individuals against powerful interests.

Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP has obtained excellent outcomes across the United States representing C-Suite executives, attorneys (including general counsel, partners, and associates), and directors and managers seeking to resolve contract and employment disputes with their employers. 

Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP has also achieved great results across the country representing employees with claims involving discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and wage and hour violations and representing individuals in whistleblowing, False Claims Act (qui tam), consumer fraud, financial elder abuse, 401(k) (ERISA), Dodd-Frank, SEC whistleblower, and medical malpractice matters. 

H. Vincent McKnight Deborah K. Marcuse Andrew Melzer Charles Field Steve Kelly
Jeremy Heisler
David Sanford
Kevin Sharp
Ed Chapin Russell Kornblith Kate Mueting Alexandra Harwin Michael Palmer Saba Bireda

A Firm Distinguished By Its Talent

Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP is a nationwide litigation law firm with offices in New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco, San Diego, Nashville, and Baltimore. We represent individuals against powerful interests. We act as a private attorney general in support of the private and public good.

Our attorneys have attended the nation’s top law schools, clerked for judges throughout the United States, and amassed extensive experience litigating cases that have earned over $1 billion for our clients.

Sanford Heisler Sharp has an impressive history of success. Our team of skilled attorneys secured the largest jury award in an employment discrimination case, winning more than $250 million for 7,000 female sales representatives. The firm also achieved a $99 million wage and hour recovery on behalf of pharmaceutical representatives and represented a whistleblower in a $120 million qui tam case against Omnicare.

David Sanford

We know that injustice often harms the people who can least afford it. By handling most of our cases on a contingency fee basis, Sanford Heisler Sharp provides our clients with equal access to legal representation. We level the playing field so that your voice is heard.

Our Recent Cases

As an attorney on the defense side, I can say there is simply no one better than Sanford Heisler Sharp. That view is shared by defense attorneys around the country. They outwork the other side, master the law and facts, and achieve great results. - Maria Hallas, Attorney and Journalist
I can attest to Vince McKnight’s skills as a lawyer after a particularly difficult situation in my workplace arose. Who am I going to call when facing trouble? I’m calling Vince and his firm. Period. - Denise Slaughter, Washington, DC
I have worked with Sanford Heisler Sharp for a number of years. The firm continues to impress me with its hard work, talent, and attention to detail. I trust Sanford Heisler Sharp implicitly and look forward to working with them in the future. - Dr. David Langton, MD
I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my case. Michael Palmer is a great lawyer and a kind man. - Katie Van Liew, Boehringer Ingelheim
During my entire 30-year corporate career, I can say unequivocally that Grant Morris is the most talented and gifted lawyer with whom I have ever worked. The result was extraordinary. - Sam Cox, Smith & Nephew Qui Tam Client
David (Sanford) is very warm, he’s very smart, he made me feel like I was his only client. We never rushed when we had a conversation. He runs a fantastic firm. - Elly Rosenthal, former CFO, Proskauer Rose LLP
David (Sanford) is an awesome attorney, down to earth and has a big heart. I think he is a wonderful person and has a great team of personnel. I loved working with him I am so grateful for him and his team for all the time, effort and support they gave me. - Donna Bryan, Former Client
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Our Practice Areas

Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP represents individuals with employment discrimination, labor and wage violations, retaliation, predatory lending, housing, whistleblower, consumer fraud, and other claims.

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