Former GirlsDoPorn Videographer Testifies Models Were Deceived

Posted August 30th, 2019.

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SAN DIEGO — The GirlsDoPorn trial continued this week with the conclusion of detailed, harrowing testimony by one of the plaintiffs, Jane Doe 15, and the admission by a former GirlsDoPorn videographer that the plaintiffs had been lied to by the company as to whether the videos would be published online.

The Jane Does are 22 unnamed models who are suing the owners of GirlsDoPorn for fraud over content the models shot under contract for the company. Jane Doe 1, it was revealed last week, is a law school graduate who organized the other models into filing their complaint.

Jane Doe 15 finished her testimony on Monday. She told the court that she had been recruited when she was 18 through Craigslist and that she had been deceived as to the contract she was signing.

“If I had known that, not only was it going on the internet,” the Daily Beast reported she testified, “(but) that my name would be attached to it, that it would be in the United States, and that I wouldn’t be paid $5,000, but $2,000 less, and insulted because I was pale and bruised — if I had known that it was more than 30 minutes of filming, if I had known any of that, just any one of those — if I had known that other girls had been harassed and kicked out of school for it, if I had known that I would be kicked off the cheer team… If I had known any of that, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Later, videographer Teddy Gyi, who had shot over 100 videos for GirlsDoPorn, according to the NBC affiliate in San Diego, testified that “he was instructed to tell the women that the videos would never appear online” and that he heard one of the defendants “tell the women on numerous occasions that ‘it was DVD only and they were sent to Australia.’”

“I heard [the defendant] tell women the videos would not be posted online,” Gyi confirmed.

The 22 models allege that their contracts with GirlsDoPorn are null because the company misled them. They allege the producers told them the videos would not be distributed online, and they were exclusively shot for DVDs in overseas markets. They also allege that their personal information was shared with the website Porn Wikileaks.

Yesterday, adult studio Bang Bros announced they had purchased and shuttered Porn Wikileaks, and posted a video purporting to show the destruction of the controversial site’s hard drives.

The connection between GirlsDoPorn and Porn Wikileaks was an integral “part of the business model,” alleged Sanford Heisler Sharp’s Ed Chapin, the models’ attorney in their civil suit, during his opening statement last week.

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