Alaska Communications named in class-action lawsuit

Posted April 30th, 2012.

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A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Alaska Communications over claims that the telecom has a “serious and long-standing violations” of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Alaska Wage and Hour Act.

According to a Marketwatch press release, the lawsuit was filed on behalf of a former employee, Laura Lee Peterson, on behalf of other Alaska Communications employees involved in sales and marketing.

Here’s a quote from the announcement:

“Alaska Communications is one of the state’s largest telecommunications companies, which has systematically denied its sales and marketing employees basic overtime pay required under federal and state law, while racking up more than $125 million in operating profit last year alone,” said Janette Wipper, a lead lawyer for Peterson and the class. “Alaska Communications willfully continues to retain the overtime wages owed to these employees despite the Alaska Department of Labor’s unambiguous finding that Ms. Peterson was entitled to overtime pay.”

Peterson is described as an Anchorage resident who worked for Alaska Communications for almost eight years, leaving sometime in 2011.

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