We know that injustice often harms the people who can least afford it. By handling most of our cases on a contingency fee basis, Sanford Heisler Sharp provides our clients with equal access to legal representation. We level the playing field so that your voice is heard. Below is a collection of testimonials from past clients.

Very good, patient listeners.

I am so grateful to have had David Sanford, David Tracey, Kate MacMullin and Alex Johnson fight for me. They never once wavered in believing in my case and helped me not only settlement wise, but also in sending the long-coming message to my firm that their mistreatment of women was no longer tolerated, nor will we stay quiet any longer. The team clearly demonstrated their expertise in employment discrimination law throughout my case. I felt that they always had my best interests at hand. They were very professional but also very good, patient listeners. And just overall good, genuine people. I used to blame myself for what happened, but now I have clarity and closure about the reality of the situation and can confidently move forward with my life and my future endeavors. — A Former Client

They believed me.

There aren't enough words to explain my gratitude for Meredith Firetog, Claire, and the Sanford Heisler team. As a strong woman of color, I worked in a mostly white male-dominated university for over fifteen years. As an employee, I rose through the ranks quickly because of the quality of my work. After all of those years of dedicated service, I never expected to experience discrimination. During our first meeting, I was in shock, broken, humiliated, and traumatized by my former employer's treatment.

I was met with compassion when I walked into their office. Meredith and Claire listened to me and validated my experience. They gave me the words to help understand what happened. They believed me.

Taking the step to obtain justice was not an easy decision, but Meredith explained the process, terminology, and any other questions every step of the way. She helped me craft emails I needed to send to make sure the messaging was consistent and solid. She always responded to my emails promptly. I never felt like I was "just some client." Suing a large university was not an easy decision, but I am so thankful that I had this law firm fighting.

I am grateful for the outcome of the case but even more so impressed with the treatment. I will never forget Meredith and Claire. — Former University Administrator

The natural choice in representation.

Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to Kevin Sharp and the Sanford Heisler Sharp team in Nashville. Their sound guidance, disciplined approach, expertise and overall dedication to my well-being resulted in a settlement that allowed me to leave a toxic workplace environment involving sexual harassment, discrimination, and an unwillingness to address bad behavior.

Knowing their expertise, track record and unwavering commitment to fighting issues in the workplace, Sanford Heisler Sharp was the natural choice in representation. Not only did they help me in achieving a successful settlement, but they also delivered a message to my former employer, a large multi-national corporation, that unequal treatment and harassment of female employees is unlawful, unacceptable, and, if continued, will result in significant financial and brand reputation consequences.

One should never find themselves a victim of harassment and discrimination in the workplace; however, if you do, it would serve you well to have Sanford Heisler Sharp on your side. — A Former Client

Endless support and careful guidance.

David Sanford, David Tracey, Kate MacMullin and Alex Johnson provided me with endless support and careful guidance through one of the most challenging chapters of my career. After experiencing discrimination in the workplace, I felt helpless and afraid. The team at Sanford Heisler Sharp spoke with me for months to develop trust and share the information I needed to make a decision regarding legal representation. During this time, I never felt pressured to rush to an answer as my own interests and goals were always put first by the team.

Sanford Heisler Sharp gave me the courage to stand up for myself, and I feel extremely fortunate to have been represented by such sincere, talented and hardworking individuals. Thanks to the team, I have moved on to the next phase of my career with renewed confidence, inspiration and passion. I highly recommend Sanford Heisler Sharp to anyone navigating a similarly difficult situation. I'm so glad I went forward with the support of this group! — A Former Client

Impressive work.

I'm eternally grateful to Russell, Alok and Kate for their impressive work with my case. I expected outstanding legal service based on the firm's reputation and track record. In addition, the team brought compassion and a strategic approach to managing the case, which ultimately brought a longstanding matter to a close. I've worked with numerous employment law firms in my profession, and I would unhesitatingly refer clients and friends to the team at Sanford Heisler Sharp. — A Former Client

Outstanding legal service.

Based upon Sanford Heisler’s reputation, I expected outstanding legal service. However, I cannot express how much I respect and appreciate the skill and compassion David, Russell, and Nicole demonstrated every single day. With their expert guidance and attention, they made an otherwise very difficult process tolerable. The Sanford Heisler team always made me believe the fight was worthwhile! Thank you all so much! — General Counsel

Forever grateful.

Hi Nicole, I wanted to update you that I received my share of the settlement in the mail today. I will be forever grateful for your work and help during this process. I hope you truly know how appreciated you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've made a big difference in my life. — A Former Class Member

100% professional.

This firm meant everything to me after losing my job of five (5) years with a demanding firm, who seemingly terminated my employment based on gender and other biases. I was able to get a quick and just settlement, which bridged the gap while I sought new employment. These folks are 100% professional and will let you know upfront if they can help you. — Cynthia L., Healthcare IT Professional

Great value and service.

Charles Field and Sanford Heisler have been excellent partners as our business has grown. They understand our firm and have helped us navigate the legal landscape in our industry. Charles is particularly responsive when we need him and is willing to bring in other resources to address our issues. Because of their efficiency and teamwork, we feel Sanford Heisler offers great value and service. — Horacio Valeiras, CEO, Frontier Global Partners, LLC

Beyond words.

Dear Ed, I want to start off with a sincere apology for not thanking you and your hardworking team for everything you have done for myself, and all of the other wonderful ladies. My gratitude to you all is beyond words and although there is still pain, I am so thankful that I had you as a voice. Hearing about our collective victory against these horrible people really evokes extreme emotions. I have been processing this entire experience and I should have responded to your email much quicker. You have changed my life. You have changed all of our lives. You gave us all a chance to fight against something that was wrong and I appreciate you more than anything. So thank you again, I will never forget what you’ve done for me and I am grateful for having people like you out in this world. I truly love you all. — A Former Client

You are all phenomenal.

Thank you again to you all for representing me on this matter. You are all phenomenal. I am very grateful for your knowledge, professionalism and compassion. — Big Law Attorney

In the best hands.

A huge thank you to you and your team for your expertise, persistence, and care in resolving my legal issues. As legal issues inevitably involve the unexpected and often times significant delays, your strategic and personal approach always made me feel that I was in absolutely "the best hands." — A Former Client

High-quality work.

Nicole Wiitala did a terrific job on my case that involved employment discrimination and retaliation within the finance industry. From the start of our work together, Nicole synthesized the information I gave her into well-reasoned legal arguments on my behalf. She also quickly learned the nuances of my industry’s compensation structures and leveraged that information to further strengthen my case. Finally, Nicole consistently delivered high-quality work in a timely fashion which shortened the duration of time before I could formally separate from my former firm. I highly recommend both Nicole and Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP to anyone in a similar situation that requires an attorney. — A Former Client

Fighting the unfair process.

I wanted to take advantage of the close of the year to thank you for allowing me to walk away from a difficult professional situation with the satisfaction that I did everything in my power to fight the unfair process. Thank you for being available and efficient. — ALN (A Former Client)

Inspiring future lawyers.

I'm about to start my second semester at NYU, and wanted to write and let you know how much I've been enjoying 1L so far, and how well I think working with you at Sanford Heisler Sharp prepared me for the demands of being a law student. — Former Legal Assistant

Tireless advocates.

I wanted to sincerely thank you for all of the work that you did to help me. I am so grateful to you (and your team) for taking on my case, and for tirelessly advocating for me throughout the process. You were so supportive to me, and I really appreciated all the time that you took to explain things to me, and to make sure that I felt comfortable with every decision. I am really happy that you helped me to take action, and I consider myself so lucky to have had you on my side! — A Former Client

Professional, courteous and polite.

Mr. Charles Field, Esquire was very professional, courteous and polite in helping me research an equities matter. He contacted me timely with the results of an equity public filing review, and I was thoroughly impressed by everyone I interacted with at Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP. — Canning Taft

Outstanding and second to none.

Thank you Deborah, David, and Alec so much for all of the time, advice, and legal expertise you have provided. The care you have taken to date has been outstanding and second to none! It has been truly valued and appreciated. — Female Partner at AmLaw 100 Firm

Amazing results.

If you are reading this, you are likely in the midst of a very difficult journey. I know, because I went through it myself, and I am here to tell you that if you stay positive and trust your Sanford Heisler Sharp team, the road can be transformational and yield amazing results. Russell and Meredith fought for me, and also held my hand throughout the process, during which I experienced some of the lowest lows of my life. We spoke almost every day, to the point where I was very sad to see our relationship end (although they will always be in my life because I'll never stop emailing them :)). Most importantly, they got me to the best possible resolution for me. My path has taken a sharp turn for the better, and they had a huge part to play in that fact. You will be OK at the end of this because you have Sanford Heisler Sharp; trust the process and know that life is infinitely better on the other side of an environment that is holding you back from realizing your full potential in life. — A Former Client

Intricate knowledge.

David Sanford called me on Super Bowl Sunday (imagine that!) to let me know that SHS would represent me. From start to finish, my legal team, Russell Kornblith, Ed Chapin, Adán Martinez, and Natalie Chew, demonstrated its intricate knowledge and interpretation of employment law, specifically the risks and psychology of my employer’s strategy. As the case progressed quickly and constructively, I felt understood and respected throughout each step of the journey. The outcome was beyond what I could have imagined! I thank SHS in my heart every time I read about them in the press. Just be thankful that they are on YOUR side and not the opposing counsel! — Former Banking Executive

Unwavering focus.

I wanted to thank in particular Saba Bireda for her unwavering focus, patience, diligence and legal acumen. Excellent job ... really well done. Many thanks to both her and Gabi Weldon for hanging in there with me. They are perfectionists and the result speaks for itself. And, of course, thanks to David Sanford for providing the strong foundation/strategy and for matching me with his team! Wow! I am still smiling with happiness from the result! I finally am sleeping at night and a huge burden has been lifted. Thank you ... it means everything to me. I couldn’t be happier.— A Female Television Executive

Compassionate outstanding advocates.

After suffering years of gender discrimination, enduring a hostile work environment and arguing for equal pay, my law firm attempted to turn the tables on me, even filing suit against me to silence me, when they realized that I was pursuing legal action against them. I was devastated after decades of excellent performance and loyalty to the firm, and oh so very vulnerable and feeling all alone. Words will never fully capture how grateful I am to Deborah Marcuse, who saw the injustice and unfairness and recognized the extreme impact it was having on me and my young family, for taking on my complicated case at a time when I know that she was beyond busy and for turning the tables back on the bad actors.

The entire team, Deborah, Saba, Ryan, Lucy and Carol, worked tirelessly on my behalf. They are an incredibly effective team and obtained a good result for me in mediation, but, most importantly, they were beyond compassionate. Thanks to Saba and Ryan for the amazing brief they submitted in response to the ridiculous lawsuit and handling the preliminary negotiations. Lucy and Carol, thank you for keeping me in the loop and staying on top of everything. You made mediation so much more bearable. And Deborah, you have no idea how much you did for me – not only did you achieve a great result, you helped me at a time when I needed it most, and there wasn’t a single moment that you didn’t fully understand exactly how I was feeling. You helped me get my life back, and I will never forget that. If you find yourself in need of employment counsel, I highly recommend Sanford Heisler Sharp. They are excellent lawyers; defendants respect them, and they will help you navigate through the intense emotional experience so that you always know that you are not alone. — Am Law 100 Partner

Attention to every detail.

Thank you all so much for the incredible work you did to get us here! Your attention to every detail really lifted the burden of this whole ordeal for me and I am extremely grateful to each of you [Saba, Ryan, Lizzie]. I'd also like to add that the expertise and thorough preparation this team brought to the table gave me complete confidence that we’d reach a desirable outcome and, ultimately, the resolution exceeded my expectations. I am extremely grateful to have worked with all of you through what was easily the most difficult experience in my career. —Former client and associate at Am Law 100 firm

Extraordinary impact.

My experience with Sanford Heisler was truly transformative. Through our litigation against Columbia University, David Sanford, Jenn Siegel, and Ali Stack helped me reclaim not only my professional standing but also my dignity. Together, we set a precedent for accountability in the academy of which I could not be more proud. From beginning to end, I was awed by Sanford Heisler's tireless commitment to civil rights and their clients' well-being. I think of my attorneys and the extraordinary impact they have had on my life every day.— Jane Doe

Strength and courage.

I built my professional reputation on putting company interests first, so I was blindsided when my company threatened to terminate me in a visible and unfair fashion. I was terrified to take legal action, but I’m so glad I did. Conor, Felicia, Xandra, Miriam, and David protected my role and reputation, secured a financial settlement >10x the company’s original offer, and, most importantly, gave me the strength and courage to stand up for myself. Their professionalism, candor, and warmth kept me sane through one of the darkest times in my life, and I can’t imagine going through that without them.— A Former Client

Extremely knowledgeable and professional.

I worked with the Sanford Heisler Sharp team on an employment law matter involving gender and racial discrimination. While I am sure the firm had many other cases, I felt like I was a priority to the firm. They were reachable at all times and stayed close to me during the entire process. All of their staff members, from the paralegals/legal assistants to the partners, were extremely knowledgeable and professional. They made an unpleasant experience more tolerable. — A Former Client

A powerful opponent.

I contacted David Sanford based on a recommendation when I was wrongfully terminated from my executive-level role. The case was complex since it involved a well-known and high-powered attorney that was threatening to ruin me and my reputation if I proceeded with the case. David, Adán Martinez, and Mariel Brunman were extremely classy, professional, and level-headed throughout the entire process and brought a tremendous amount of comfort and support to me. My opinions were valued, my doubts always heard, and I was always reassured with full transparency, integrity, and partnership. David and his team built a strong case and ultimately managed to reach a successful outcome through mediation that not only sent a strong message on wrongful termination but it gave me my credibility and confidence back. David and his team are competent, strategic, and a powerful opponent. They fought for me and were the voice I needed and wanted to represent me through this time. — A Former Client

Beyond words.

Dear Ed, I want to start off with a sincere apology for not thanking you and your hardworking team for everything you have done for myself, and all of the other wonderful ladies. My gratitude to you all is beyond words and although there is still pain, I am so thankful that I had you as a voice. Hearing about our collective victory against these horrible people really evokes extreme emotions. I have been processing this entire experience and I should have responded to your email much quicker. You have changed my life. You have changed all of our lives. You gave us all a chance to fight against something that was wrong and I appreciate you more than anything. So thank you again, I will never forget what you’ve done for me and I am grateful for having people like you out in this world. I truly love you all. — A Former Client

A tremendous result.

David Sanford and his team achieved a tremendous result in obtaining a confidential-seven-digit settlement from my company, and measurable change. I had approached my former company through its internal channels about the stark gender pay disparity. Unfortunately, my concerns went unanswered. That is until David Sanford and team reached out to them. We held a confidential mediation and settled the case without filing a lawsuit. All the while David and team were professional, attentive, passionate, and wicked smart. As a corporate employment attorney myself, I can say that David is the most skilled plaintiff’s lawyer that I’ve ever met. He is caring, humble, ever graceful, and unwavering in character. Other lawyers may huff and puff, but defense counsel know that David has the skills and the bench strength to follow through with his demands. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. And having put the episode behind me, I accepted a position at a new company in a better role for fair pay. — A Former Client

True humanity.

Thank you to Melinda, David and the Sanford Heisler Sharp team for your outstanding and winning counsel, powerful support and true humanity. It was a real privilege to work with such a professional and caring group of people. I am particularly grateful for Melinda’s hard work, sharp mind and empathy throughout the process during a very difficult time.— Former Marketing Executive

Amazing efforts and results.

I turned to Sanford Heisler Sharp after numerous unsuccessful efforts of sharing my concerns of bias and gender discrimination to my management. The discrimination continued for many years. I had a long successful career, a Masters degree in Organizational Management, with numerous awarded accomplishments. So, I decided I was no longer going to allow the discrimination to continue to myself or others. David Sanford and his team took on this giant international company, with concern and respect, diligence, detail, and an in-depth understanding of the numerous levels of inequities of gender discrimination from training, promotions, salaries and harassment within the company's culture. They achieved both a great outcome of compensation for the victims, and helped insure a plan of corrective measures for the company. I would highly recommend Sanford Heisler Sharp, their amazing efforts and results made such a positive difference to so many, and could do the same for you. It certainly did for me. — Deborah Doak Davis, Plaintiff in Novartis Gender Discrimination Matter

In good hands.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude. Thanks to Ed Chapin I have my life back. The situation I was dealing with made me feel trapped and that I had little control over my life. Everything at work is so much better now. I have peace. The years of pain and difficulty I had lived with are finally over. Now I can just do my job. It is amazing to me how much better my life is. Ed truly cared and listened to every step of the way and I knew I was in good hands. This was one of the scariest times in my life and now I can say my future feels bright and I have a feeling of peace and security. I am so grateful. — J.W., Former Client

Superbly trained and accomplished.

David Sanford is simply the best attorney I have ever worked with. His team of lawyers and staff are superbly trained and accomplished. David represented me and family members and we settled during the litigation. I've never seen anybody handle depositions and mediation as masterfully and skillfully as David Sanford does. I highly recommend this world class firm to everyone. — A Former Client

Very positive.

My experience with your firm was very positive from the moment I made my first call into the office to the last moment in which my case was closed. — Melanie Rattray, Former Client

Reassuring and confident.

Dear Michael, thank you and your team for all that you did to help me resolve my recent legal issues. Everyone I interacted with at Sanford Heisler Sharp was, not only accomplished and brilliant at what they do, but also good people with good values. One of the things that impressed me the most was your firm’s philosophy that the client well-being comes first. There were times that I thought things would not be resolved and I was repeatedly told that your firm’s focus was on me and the outcome for me, independent of any compensation to the firm. Though times were sometimes stressful, you and everyone at the firm were reassuring and confident. I could not have asked for a better firm and people to work with. Thank you again. I sincerely appreciate all that you did for me. — A Former Client

Thorough, professional and efficient.

I could not be happier with my Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP experience. Confronting racial discrimination in the workplace was the hardest decision I've made in my 20+ year career. Vincent McKnight understood my situation immediately and helped me to clearly understand the pros and cons of my options. David Sanford got my former employer's full attention and confidentially resolved my employment matter in a very thorough, professional and efficient manner. He was steady throughout the entire process and it was extremely reassuring to see him fight for me. Great attorneys who are also excellent at listening to the client.— M.B., Former Client

Above and beyond.

I highly recommend Ed Chapin with Sanford Heisler Sharp. Ed Chapin was there for me at my most vulnerable time in life. He and his team handled my case with extreme care and sensitivity. Instead of feeling like a mere client who represents financial gain to a law firm, I truly felt that I was treated with the same care and respect as would be given to a close family member or friend. Knowing Ed’s outstanding trial history and many decades of experience helped to give me a peace of mind through a stressful process. Ed truly went above and beyond to get me the justice I deserved. He has the utmost standards of professionalism, fairness, and dedication in his dealings with clients. If it wasn’t for Ed, I know that I wouldn’t have my confidence or voice back. He truly believed in me and fought tirelessly to get me the closure I needed. Ed Chapin is without question one of the best attorneys in the country and equally as noble of a man. — A Former Client

Peace of mind.

I was devastated when an offer for my dream job was rescinded based on the biased opinion of a former supervisor who retaliated against me. My industry is small, and so, in addition to my deep sadness, I also felt extreme anxiety over how this retaliatory animus would continue to haunt my career. Because of Kate, Felicia, Conor, and their team, I not only reached an amicable financial settlement but I also found peace of mind knowing that this person could no longer discriminate against me. I also earned the satisfaction of holding a major company accountable for condoning retaliatory behavior. I cannot thank Sanford Heisler Sharp enough for supporting me wholeheartedly and giving me solid ground to stand on again. — A Director

Sincerest thanks.

I just want to send my sincerest thanks to Kate and Sophie for their work regarding my case. Standing up to my former employer after being illegally fired was a very difficult situation for me, and I appreciate their help during this entire process. It means a lot that they took my case and handled it so carefully and considerately. I feel confident in my ability to move on due to this settlement. — A Recording Industry Marketing Professional

Consistent communication.

Kate Mueting is by far one of the most brilliant attorneys I've ever worked with. Her commitment, professionalism and authenticity made a very difficult time manageable. Julia Coppelman also provided outstanding service and professionalism and my hope is that Sanford Heisler Sharp is fortunate enough to count Julia amongst its amazing team of attorneys in the near future. The legal expertise and dedication as well as the excellent, consistent communication was continually exemplified for the duration of my case. Should I find myself or any colleagues and friends in need of legal representation in the future I will not hesitate to send them your way. — A Former Client

Sound guidance.

I contacted Sanford Heisler Sharp based on their stellar reputation supporting gender equality in the pharma industry. Kate Mueting and her team provided sound guidance when addressing my request for fair and equal treatment. They were engaged, treated me professionally, set realistic expectations and handled the situation masterfully. Thanks to Kate and her great team, I received strong support and never felt I was left out on a limb to fight this battle solo. In fact, this helped my confidence and tenacity to endure almost a year and a half fighting for my rights and those of fellow colleagues. With Sanford Heisler Sharp, we got the attention of company leadership and made positive strides for not only myself, but for other women as well. — A Former Client

Very professional and proficient.

I have the utmost appreciation and respect for the Sanford Heisler Sharp. Our case was complex and it included a number of plaintiffs. As a result, there were multiple lawyers and paralegals assigned to us. Everyone I communicated with was very professional and proficient in their role. Their communication, timely follow up and thoroughness in answering all of our questions conveyed their desire to meet or exceed the expectations of their clients. I feel that the SH team worked earnestly towards a fair resolution on our behalf. I appreciate them very much for giving us a voice, and validating our concerns by their willingness to represent us. — E.M. Coleman, Former Client

Wise counsel.

Thank you Kate and the Sanford Heisler Sharp team for your support, guidance, and wise counsel during this process. It is indeed a daunting process and your professionalism and encouragement helped see me through. — A Female Communications Executive

Attention to detail.

I have worked with Sanford Heisler Sharp for a number of years. The firm continues to impress me with its hard work, talent, and attention to detail. I trust Sanford Heisler Sharp implicitly and look forward to working with them in the future. — Dr. David Langton, MD

Well-known reputation.

I was very pleased that I chose Sanford Heisler Sharp to represent me in my separation negotiations. Four aspects of that negotiation stand out in my mind: 1) the experience and talent of their attorneys; 2) the scope and breadth of their legal expertise across many different areas of labor law, which they used very effectively to augment my negotiation position; 3) their continuous alignment of attorney/client interests and deference to allowing me to make informed decisions on the direction of my case; and 4) their credibility and well-known reputation for aggressively pursuing and winning legal claims, which I believe highly motivated my counterparty to seek a faster and more substantial settlement than would otherwise have been available. — L.C., Former Client

Dedication and hard work.

First let me thank you again for your dedication and hard work that you and your team provided to our case against King's Court. Words can not express what you and your team did. It was a joy working with your entire team. You gave your very best. I have never experienced such hardship and turmoil in my young adult life but working with you it was worth it. You informed us from the very beginning that what we were about to do would take time, would take endurance, and you would be in the fight with us as long as we were together. This was a stressful situation but you made it bearable. Again I want to thank you and your team for all you did and how you prevailed. — Katie Major-Tucker, Former Client

Record of success.

Even among the nation’s top tier class action and plaintiffs law firms, Sanford Heisler Sharp stands out in its record of success. Led by David Sanford and Jeremy Heisler, this Firm has proven again and again it has the necessary talent, experience, intelligence, creativity, and resources to represent workers and whistleblowers successfully against even the country’s largest employers. — Lorene Schaefer, Esq., President of WinWinResolve.com and Former GC of GE Transportation

Steadfastly committed.

It’s encouraging to work with a group of attorneys who are steadfastly committed not just to the clients, but to the cause of women’s equality. That dedication, combined with their remarkable knowledge and skill, allows them to attain momentous verdicts and results that set Sanford Heisler Sharp apart from other firms. — Jacqueline Pena, Lead Plaintiff in The Class Action Wellens v. Daiichi

Stepped up to the plate.

I work hard to support my family, and when my employer wasn’t compensating me for all of the hours I was putting in, Sanford Heisler Sharp stepped up to the plate. They handled the matter so expertly that not only did they get a great result, but also made it possible for me to continue working at the same company throughout the litigation and beyond. After what the Firm did for me, my family, and my colleagues, I don’t hesitate to send anyone needing help with their employer to Sanford Heisler Sharp. — Terri Kelly, Plaintiff in In re Novartis

A real pleasure.

I'm sure this is the case with other clients [Kate, Aimee, and Cansu] have worked with, but in my own experience it is uncommon, I think, to develop such a bond so quickly with attorneys . . . . I think [they] are masterful at molding [their] advocacy beautifully around the needs and the personality of [their] client . . . without compromising the strength of the representation one bit. It is a real pleasure to know [them]. — Former Client

Stellar reputation.

I contacted Sanford Heisler Sharp because of its stellar reputation as a champion for workplace gender equality. The Firm’s reputation is well-deserved. Through the Firm’s assistance, I achieved a settlement that allowed me to get out of a toxic, discriminatory work environment, and we sent a strong message that such unequal treatment of women will not be tolerated in this day and age. — Former Client and VP of a Major Technology Company

Kindness and compassion.

Each member of the Sanford Heisler Sharp team shows ultimate professionalism, mastery of the law, unwavering dedication to the clients and passion for the cause. And most important to me, kindness and compassion. — Donna Kassman, Lead Plaintiff in The Gender Discrimination Class Action Against KPMG

Achieve great results.

As an attorney on the defense side, I can say there is simply no one better than Sanford Heisler Sharp. That view is shared by defense attorneys around the country. They outwork the other side, master the law and facts, and achieve great results. — Maria Hallas, Attorney and Journalist

Professional and even-tempered.

David has the largely unique ability to be extremely aggressive and, at the same time, both very professional and even-tempered. Defendants who have a claim asserted by David Sanford and his firm know they have their hands full. You know you’re going to have a real fight on your hands. — Glen Nager, Partner at Jones Day

Difficult situation.

I can attest to Vince McKnight’s skills as a lawyer after a particularly difficult situation in my workplace arose. Who am I going to call when facing trouble? I’m calling Vince and his firm. Period. — Denise Slaughter, Client from Washington, DC

Exceeded our expectations.

We retained Mr. McKnight to represent us in a qui tam matter against one of our competitors that we suspected was violating the federal government contracting guidelines and certifications. The efficiency with which our claim was filed, heard and settled exceeded our expectations and we wouldn’t hesitate to utilize his expertise if the need ever arose again. — Malcolm Wilson, President at Perry & Wilson, Inc.

Successful outcome.

We retained Vince McKnight several years ago in a qui tam matter against a company that was illegally selling lamps and furniture to the U.S. government. He explained the process and was personally available and attentive throughout the course of the action. We had a successful outcome, which was important to our company, and to other companies, like mine, that followed the government contract guidelines. — Louis M Scutellaro, President at Mario Industries

Compassionate understanding.

When I suffered a grievous injury, I turned to Vincent McKnight who represented me in a complex malpractice matter, which was resolved during the early phases of discovery. Mr. McKnight’s compassionate understanding of my injuries and their psychological impact, combined with his brilliantly strategic and skillful litigation expertise, resulted in a great outcome. — Patricia Cornwell Johnson, Esq.

Quick action and thoroughness.

Unwavering and dedicated to achieving the best results for his clients, Vince McKnight has broad experience in representing companies and individuals. He skillfully moved the parties to a resolution in a highly sensitive matter to my satisfaction. As a practicing attorney, I appreciated his counsel, quick action and thoroughness. — Angela Ciccolo, Esq.

A great lawyer.

Dear Michael, I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all the work you put in on my case. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. You are a great lawyer and a kind man. — Katie, a former Pharmaceutical Representative for Boehringer Ingelheim

Second to none.

I have worked with Sanford Heisler Sharp for many years and have found their team one of the best in the world. I personally work with law firms in the UK, Ireland, USA, and Australia and find the passion and hard-working nature of the team second to none. Combine this work ethic with a number of brilliant individuals, and this is what makes Sanford Heisler Sharp such a successful law firm. — Dr. Tony Nargol, MD

A voracious advocate.

I contacted Sanford Heisler Sharp because it has a stellar reputation as a champion for workplace gender equality. Upon taking my case, it became clear that that reputation is well-deserved; Sanford Heisler Sharp is a deft negotiator, a voracious advocate, and – most importantly – knows how to get results. Through its counsel, I achieved a settlement that allowed me to get out of a toxic, discriminatory work environment. We sent a strong message to the company that such unequal treatment of women will not be tolerated in this day and age. — Former Client and VP of a Major Technology Company

Remarkable knowledge and skill.

Sanford Heisler Sharp have taken the pharmaceutical industry by storm. They are shattering the glass ceiling imposed on women by pharma’s old boys’ club. Sanford Heisler Sharp is steadfastly committed not just to its clients, but to the cause of women’s equality. That dedication, combined with their remarkable knowledge and skill, allows them to attain the momentous verdicts and results that set Sanford Heisler Sharp apart from other firms. — Jacqueline Pena, Named Plaintiff in Wellens et. al. v. Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

Talented and gifted lawyer.

During my entire 30-year corporate career, I can say unequivocally that Grant Morris is the most talented and gifted lawyer with whom I have ever worked. The result was extraordinary. — Sam Cox, Qui Tam Relator and Former Director at Smith & Nephew

Attention and service.

Sanford Heisler Sharp, and, particularly, Deborah Marcuse, can be compared to a first rate physician: the client is treated not just for the ailment, but the attention and service encompasses the entire body. No issue is too mundane for Deborah and she is available 24/7 no matter the issue. — Suzy Reingold, Former Chief Operating Officer of Cushman & Wakefield

Professional and patient.

Sanford Heisler Sharp is professional and patient, and was very kind to me during a very trying time in my life. I would recommend Sanford Heisler Sharp as a firm that effectively strives to get the job done and that provides top-notch legal expertise and knowledge. — Employment Discrimination Client

Empowering experience.

Working with Kate and her team at Sanford Heisler Sharp is an empowering, validating experience. Their professionalism and humanity, coupled with their passion for fairness and transparency, are at the core of their success. Whether working with individual clients or getting justice for groups of women who have been limited by gender bias in their careers, they are making a big contribution to women’s equality in the workplace. — Senior VP and Global Head in Cancer Research

Astute legal counsel.

Sanford Heisler Sharp's hard work brought me and my fellow colleagues a resolution on a very difficult matter. I deeply appreciated not only their astute legal counsel, but also the understanding and human touch they used at every turn during the sometimes fraught process. As a lawyer myself, I felt privileged to have gotten the chance to work with them. They are making a difference in the world for the betterment of working women’s rights. — Female Law Partner


When it comes to qui tam it would be hard to find a more dedicated team Sanford Heisler Sharp. They worked tirelessly to ensure my claim was filed swiftly and effectively. Years later, I remain in contact with David Sanford and continue to appreciate his consistent efforts to exceed all professional expectations. I highly recommend Sanford Heisler Sharp. — Angie Silva, Whistleblower

A great strategist.

David dedicated a large amount of time to get to know me and the circumstances of my case. He helped me maintain balance throughout the process. He always demonstrated clear thinking, self-confidence, and strength. He is extremely smart, experienced and a great strategist. — Claudia Goulart, Former Head of Health Care for GE in Latin America

Great team of personnel.

David [Sanford] is an awesome attorney, down to earth and has a big heart. I think he is a wonderful person and has a great team of personnel. I loved working with him I am so grateful for him and his team for all the time, effort, and support they gave me. — Donna Bryan, Former Client


The result was extraordinary. — Marc Thomas, Attorney and Former CEO of GE Aviation Materials

A fantastic firm.

David is very warm, he’s very smart, he made me feel like I was his only client. We never rushed when we had a conversation. He runs a fantastic firm.— Elly Rosenthal, Former CFO at Proskauer Rose LLP

I can’t thank them enough.

Balancing a career you love and early motherhood can feel impossible. When my employer demoted me because I’d asked for a place to pump breast milk, I felt despondent. A friend recommended that I contact the team at Sanford Heisler Sharp. I wish I had called them earlier. Kate Mueting, Felicia Gilbert, and Lindsay (Funk) listened to me, were respectful towards me, and assured me that my experience was objectively not okay (and not just an illusion of my hysterical lady-brain, as my employer insisted.) They got me the financial relief necessary to make a fresh start in my career. I can’t thank them enough.— A Former Client

Concern and understanding.

I worked with the team and Sanford Heisler Sharp in a class action litigation against a Fortune 500 company. A frightening thing for anyone to sign up for, let alone a middle-aged woman with more than 25 years at that same company. The care, concern, and understanding from David Sanford and the team at the firm was so supportive. They also knew exactly how to make the company pay attention, resolve the issues, and compensate the victims. I was able to leave with my dignity, my pride, and a future that has been wide open with new possibilities. — Margaret Harding, Former Client

I will always be grateful.

Just read the article in American Lawyer about your win in the Chadbourne case and felt compelled to write and say – Thank You – for fighting the good fight. I will always be grateful for your support both professionally and personally and I can only imagine the individuals you are representing are similarly thankful to have you as their gladiator. — Lorene Schaefer, Former General Counsel of General Electric Transportation

I was unbelievably impressed.

Alexandra Harwin expertly helped me navigate and win an extremely difficult and painful wrongful dismissal dispute. I was unbelievably impressed with her level of legal acumen, strategic negotiating prowess, transparency and authenticity. What I think sets Alexandra apart even further is her compassionate and empathic approach to her clients, providing much needed comfort and reassurance at times and thoughtful sage advice at critical junctures. —Pharmaceutical Executive

A hardworking attorney

As a lawyer, my job is to problem-solve and advocate fiercely for my clients. Despite my professional experience, I felt unable to protect my own reputation, livelihood, and health when I was being discriminated against by my large law firm. That changed once Ali Harwin was representing me. I quickly learned that Ali is a hardworking attorney with a sharp legal mind, but also a kind, empathetic, and honest individual. Ali was able to obtain an extremely favorable settlement for me at mediation, thus allowing me to end one of the most difficult chapters of my life with dignity. I will be forever grateful to Ali and her team at Sanford Heisler Sharp!—Attorney Client

A Successful balance of tenacity.

Ali Harwin represented me in my action against my employer while I was still employed there. I had suffered almost five years of harassment and marginalization and, frankly, I had a very deep fear of retaliation from my manager. I felt absolutely powerless to defend myself. David Sanford and Ali took action to immediately legally protect me while I was in a very vulnerable position. Ali then guided me through the entire process, striking the right balance between providing transparency regarding what was happening and protecting me from the very negative aspects of the firm’s rebuttals. She held me up when I felt no strength to continue and fought hard to get me what I deserved. She is a successful balance of tenacity, integrity and a soft touch in her advocacy. I was very fortunate to have Ali on my side and I highly recommend her to those considering retaining Sanford Heisler Sharp! —Financial Services Professional

Words don’t really express my deep gratitude.

Thank you! Words don’t really express my deep gratitude. I can finally move on with my life and be done with this burden.—A Former Client

I am grateful.

Sanford Heisler Sharp represented me in my gender discrimination claims against my former employer, a law firm where I was a partner. I am grateful to Kate Mueting and Rob Van Someren Greve for fighting for me aggressively and efficiently and attaining my freedom to move on. It was an honor to have them represent me in negotiations and mediation, and I certainly sing their praises to those who may need help.—L.M., Former Client

I admire your professionalism.

I appreciate your team’s efforts in assisting me in this matter. It was a pleasure working with all of you and I admire your professionalism throughout this process. I am so glad that your firm decided to help me resolve the situation.—A Former Client

You two were just phenomenal!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your time with my class on February 14! You two were just phenomenal! You can’t imagine how much of a treat it is to get lawyers to come into the classroom and talk to students about actual cases. And, truth be told, it is not uncommon for lawyers just show up and start sharing war stories with no real prepared agenda. NOT true for you! It was absolutely clear to me that you two discussed the issues in advance and prepared a strong agenda designed to effectively teach my students (in 75 minutes or less--LOL) about the world of gender bias in employment. Your examples of some of the complexities in trying these cases and your thoughts about the challenges with the law were illuminating. Your execution was informative, engaging, flawless, and entertaining (Deborah you are really funny!!!). Students are still talking about your presentation! You gave us a gift that my students will never forget.—Kimberly Norwood

A real blessing

It has been a real blessing working with Kate Mueting and Sanford Heisler Sharp, and I truly appreciate their expertise, diligence, and care through this process... Working with [Kate] was exceptional, and I absolutely will refer any family, friends, or colleagues to Sanford Heisler without hesitation.—A Pharmaceutical Representative

Demonstrated genuine concern

Being wrongfully dismissed after 25 years of meritorious service to the same institution was a dramatic and emotionally draining experience. Kate, Felicia, and their team's attention to detail combined with their extensive knowledge of the legal process enabled me to reach an amicable settlement. They also demonstrated genuine concern for me as a person with every conversation and throughout the entire process. I feel very fortunate to have worked with them.—A University Director

I sincerely appreciate it

Thank you, Kate and the Sanford Heisler Sharp team, for your hard work on my behalf. It was a difficult decision to make to pursue this and I definitely couldn't have done it without the right people on my team. I sincerely appreciate it and look forward to moving on to bigger and better things.—A Female BigLaw Senior Associate

A passion for justice

Sanford Heisler Sharp unites a passion for justice for employees with uncommon legal skill. It produces a superb work product even under extremely challenging time constraints. We found Sanford Heisler Sharp to be very responsive, able, and swift. We recommend them to anyone. Deborah Marcuse is a subtle negotiator with excellent judgment and a wide knowledge of the courts, the experts, and the law.—Legal Momentum, The Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund

Worthy advocates

David Sanford, Steven Kelly, Deborah Marcuse and the Sanford Heisler Sharp team are worthy advocates for anyone needing help in navigating the path to justice.—Alexander Prout, Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific at Deutsche Asset Management

Unique ability to fight zealously

Steve has a unique ability to fight zealously for his clients’ vision of justice. Steve draws from his personal life experiences, a distinguished legal education, and years of legal practice to offer his clients a rare combination of compassion and tenacity. I always have confidence that when I send someone Steve's way that they will find a legal advocate like none other.—Bridgette Harwood, Co-Director of Network for Victim Recovery of D.C.

Passionate pursuit of justice.

Steve’s passionate pursuit of justice will always inspire me most.—Chessy Prout, 15-year-old rape survivor in I Have the Right To

Caring lawyer who fights for survivors

Kelly is among the top victim lawyers in the country. Whether he is working with an adult or child-victim, litigating in criminal or civil court, he tirelessly, compassionately and artfully fights for their voice to be heard and their rights protected. Steve is a kind, caring lawyer who fights for survivors. One cannot ask for more than that.—Meg Garvin, Executive Director, National Crime Victim Law Institute

Helped us achieve some measure of justice

We were struggling to navigate the criminal process, as well as dealing with our daughter’s 160-year-old institution and its history of turning its back on sexual assaults of children with whose care it was entrusted. A victim’s advocate introduced us to Steve and we were immediately struck with the difference in his approach to our daughter’s case and crimes perpetrated against her. Steve truly understands the victim’s perspective, and how to advocate for victim’s rights in both the criminal and civil process. Steve’s work on our daughter’s behalf has been integral to our family’s healing and has helped us achieve some measure of justice.—Mother of a sexual assault survivor

A warrior for victims

After a sexual assault, the victim and her family have no road map to follow. When our daughter was raped, we had no idea what we would face. Steve Kelly was guide and advocate throughout the criminal process—making an impossible process manageable. Steve also helped us achieve civil justice by holding the institution that allowed the rape to occur accountable. Steve is a warrior for victims who works selflessly and tirelessly on behalf of his clients.—Father of a sexual assault survivor

A no-nonsense lawyer

Mr. Palmer was extremely helpful in guiding me as to whether I had a case or not. He laid out the scenarios, all the pros and cons, and let me make all the decisions. My ultimate decision led to a satisfactory outcome that would not have been possible without his help. A no-nonsense lawyer that doesn't play games and is the utmost professional. I highly recommend his services.—A Former Client

He did not disappoint.

Michael Palmer replaced an attorney on my case. At first I was somewhat skeptical as the former attorney at his firm was impressive. Nevertheless, he did not disappoint. If I had only one word to describe him, it would be thorough, and in my opinion thoroughness leads to success. In addition to being thorough he is also extremely approachable, and hard-working. —Roberta

Went above and beyond.

I was recently involved in a very complex legal situation which required representation from multiple lawyers in 2 different states. My case encompassed several areas of the law including: employment, workers comp and personal injury. As you can imagine, this was a very difficult and stressful time in my life and I was fortunate to have Michael Palmer represent me as my employment counsel. Michael went above and beyond the call of duty and was able to successfully negotiate a settlement for unpaid overtime against a major pharmaceutical company. His communication skills are outstanding. There was never a time when I had to wonder what Michael was doing for me. In addition to allowing me to review every document before taking action, both Michael and his legal assistant kept in constant contact with me providing updates at every turn. I found Michael to be thorough, dedicated, patient, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. But even more important to me was Michael was empathetic to my situation. His hard work was very much appreciated and his kindness will never be forgotten. I can unequivocally, with 100% confidence, recommend Michael Palmer and Sanford Heisler, LLP.—Sherry Sunshine

Exhibited a level of professionalism, dedication and diligence.

I retained Michael to pursue an employment related issue for me. From the Onset, Michael exhibited a level of professionalism, dedication and diligence to the case that had me pleasantly surprised. He made sure that all facts related to the case were ascertained, and consistently kept me abreast with the status of the case. Michael eventually attained a very satisfactory resolution in my favor. I would definitely recommend Michael to anybody requiring an expert labor or employment related attorney.—Daniel

Exhibited a level of professionalism, dedication and diligence.

Michael Palmer is an amazing attorney. From beginning to the end, he was professional, accurate, attentive, sensitive to certain subject matter, always on time when it came to calls, emails, contracts. From the start he took the time and went over in every detail for my case, he took time for every call and every email. You could tell that he actually cared about my case. He never let me worry about anything, he truly handled everything for me. I never felt that I had anything to worry about because I knew that Michael was taking care of it. I knew that I had the right person for the job. Michael was professional and he did an amazing job and I was happy with the end result. He was very compassionate, and I never thought that of a lawyer before. He is great and I would definitely recommend him.—Lynette

Absolutely outstanding to work with.

A heartfelt thank you to Sanford Heisler Sharp for the successful resolution of my pregnancy discrimination case. Everyone I worked with at Sanford Heisler Sharp was excellent. In particular, I wanted to call out Melinda Koster who was absolutely outstanding to work with - brilliant, thoughtful, sincere, thorough yet efficient, responsive; there really aren't enough superlatives to describe her. Any firm would be so fortunate to have such a high caliber employee, and I hope to read someday about how far she has gone in the legal field—Female Financial Services Professional

Demonstrated compassion and understanding.

When I contacted Sanford Heisler Sharp, I expected to be represented by an intelligent, accomplished, and dedicated attorney. I got that and much more with Melinda Koster. My case was far from simple, yet, Melinda spent the necessary time and asked the right questions to fully understand my situation and craft a powerful and compelling story. She demonstrated compassion and understanding during a very difficult time for me. Melinda clearly explained the pros and cons of every decision and enabled me to make the right decisions, taking into consideration my overall well-being. Melinda truly wanted the best possible outcome for me and worked tirelessly on my case. There is no better person to have in your corner than Melinda Koster.—A Human Resources Executive

I could not have had a better representation.

Ms. Koster managed my case from the firm’s New York office. Words have power only when they are crafted to make a compelling story and Ms. Koster is a master of this. It takes more than just putting words on paper – to get the story to be powerful it takes an attorney who asks the right questions to get the information needed to organize the facts in the most forceful and emphatic manner. I could not have had a better representation for my case.—A Former Client

You always made me feel like I was your only client.

Dear Melinda, It was a pleasure working with you. I was always impressed with your professionalism and responsiveness. Although I am confident that you had many other clients to tend to while working on my matter, you always made me feel like I was your only client. You did a great job in keeping me informed and in securing an outcome that exceeded my expectations. I enthusiastically recommend Melinda Koster and her firm, Sanford Heisler Sharp, to anyone facing employment discrimination.—A Former Client

Well organized, professional, and understanding

Melinda is wonderful—well organized, professional, and understanding. Her responsive work-style reassured me that my case was important, even in the context of other priorities.—A Former Client

Compassion, honesty and professionalism

Andrew Miller stands out for compassion, honesty and professionalism. He has really showed that he cared about my situation and what I was going through and explained everything to me clearly and honestly. Andrew Miller has argued very well and very professional in court for me. I would strongly recommend him to my family and friends.—A Former Client

Down to earth.

David is an awesome attorney, down to earth and has a big heart. I think he is a wonderful person and has a great team of personnel. I loved working with him. I am so grateful to him and his team for all the time, effort and support they gave me. — Donna Bryan, former client

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