What Our Clients Say

We know that injustice often harms the people who can least afford it. By handling most of our cases on a contingency fee basis, Sanford Heisler Sharp provides our clients with equal access to legal representation. We level the playing field so that your voice is heard. Below is a collection of testimonials from past clients.

Extremely knowledgeable and professional.

I worked with the Sanford Heisler Sharp team on an employment law matter involving gender and racial discrimination. While I am sure the firm had many other cases, I felt like I was a priority to the firm. They were reachable at all times and stayed close to me during the entire process. All of their staff members, from the paralegals/legal assistants to the partners, were extremely knowledgeable and professional. They made an unpleasant experience more tolerable. — A Former Client

Amazing efforts and results.

I turned to Sanford Heisler Sharp after numerous unsuccessful efforts of sharing my concerns of bias and gender discrimination to my management. The discrimination continued for many years. I had a long successful career, a Masters degree in Organizational Management, with numerous awarded accomplishments. So, I decided I was no longer going to allow the discrimination to continue to myself or others. David Sanford and his team took on this giant international company, with concern and respect, diligence, detail, and an in-depth understanding of the numerous levels of inequities of gender discrimination from training, promotions, salaries and harassment within the company's culture. They achieved both a great outcome of compensation for the victims, and helped insure a plan of corrective measures for the company. I would highly recommend Sanford Heisler Sharp, their amazing efforts and results made such a positive difference to so many, and could do the same for you. It certainly did for me. — Deborah Doak Davis, Plaintiff in Novartis Gender Discrimination Matter

In good hands.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude. Thanks to Ed Chapin I have my life back. The situation I was dealing with made me feel trapped and that I had little control over my life. Everything at work is so much better now. I have peace. The years of pain and difficulty I had lived with are finally over. Now I can just do my job. It is amazing to me how much better my life is. Ed truly cared and listened to every step of the way and I knew I was in good hands. This was one of the scariest times in my life and now I can say my future feels bright and I have a feeling of peace and security. I am so grateful. — J.W., Former Client

Consistent communication.

Kate Mueting is by far one of the most brilliant attorneys I've ever worked with. Her commitment, professionalism and authenticity made a very difficult time manageable. Julia Coppelman also provided outstanding service and professionalism and my hope is that Sanford Heisler Sharp is fortunate enough to count Julia amongst its amazing team of attorneys in the near future. The legal expertise and dedication as well as the excellent, consistent communication was continually exemplified for the duration of my case. Should I find myself or any colleagues and friends in need of legal representation in the future I will not hesitate to send them your way. — A Former Client

Sound guidance.

I contacted Sanford Heisler Sharp based on their stellar reputation supporting gender equality in the pharma industry. Kate Mueting and her team provided sound guidance when addressing my request for fair and equal treatment. They were engaged, treated me professionally, set realistic expectations and handled the situation masterfully. Thanks to Kate and her great team, I received strong support and never felt I was left out on a limb to fight this battle solo. In fact, this helped my confidence and tenacity to endure almost a year and a half fighting for my rights and those of fellow colleagues. With Sanford Heisler Sharp, we got the attention of company leadership and made positive strides for not only myself, but for other women as well. — A Former Client

Very positive.

My experience with your firm was very positive from the moment I made my first call into the office to the last moment in which my case was closed. — Melanie Rattray, Former Client

Above and beyond.

I highly recommend Ed Chapin with Sanford Heisler Sharp. Ed Chapin was there for me at my most vulnerable time in life. He and his team handled my case with extreme care and sensitivity. Instead of feeling like a mere client who represents financial gain to a law firm, I truly felt that I was treated with the same care and respect as would be given to a close family member or friend. Knowing Ed’s outstanding trial history and many decades of experience helped to give me a peace of mind through a stressful process. Ed truly went above and beyond to get me the justice I deserved. He has the utmost standards of professionalism, fairness, and dedication in his dealings with clients. If it wasn’t for Ed, I know that I wouldn’t have my confidence or voice back. He truly believed in me and fought tirelessly to get me the closure I needed. Ed Chapin is without question one of the best attorneys in the country and equally as noble of a man. — A Former Client

Thorough, professional and efficient.

I could not be happier with my Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP experience. Confronting racial discrimination in the workplace was the hardest decision I've made in my 20+ year career. Vincent McKnight understood my situation immediately and helped me to clearly understand the pros and cons of my options. David Sanford got my former employer's full attention and confidentially resolved my employment matter in a very thorough, professional and efficient manner. He was steady throughout the entire process and it was extremely reassuring to see him fight for me. Great attorneys who are also excellent at listening to the client.— M.B., Former Client

Very professional and proficient.

I have the utmost appreciation and respect for the Sanford Heisler Sharp Law Firm. Our case was complex and it included a number of plaintiffs. As a result, there were multiple lawyers and paralegals assigned to us. Everyone I communicated with was very professional and proficient in their role. Their communication, timely follow up and thoroughness in answering all of our questions conveyed their desire to meet or exceed the expectations of their clients. I feel that the SH team worked earnestly towards a fair resolution on our behalf. I appreciate them very much for giving us a voice, and validating our concerns by their willingness to represent us. — E.M. Coleman, Former Client

Attention to detail.

I have worked with Sanford Heisler Sharp for a number of years. The firm continues to impress me with its hard work, talent, and attention to detail. I trust Sanford Heisler Sharp implicitly and look forward to working with them in the future. — Dr. David Langton, MD

Well-known reputation.

I was very pleased that I chose Sanford Heisler Sharp to represent me in my separation negotiations. Four aspects of that negotiation stand out in my mind: 1) the experience and talent of their attorneys; 2) the scope and breadth of their legal expertise across many different areas of labor law, which they used very effectively to augment my negotiation position; 3) their continuous alignment of attorney/client interests and deference to allowing me to make informed decisions on the direction of my case; and 4) their credibility and well-known reputation for aggressively pursuing and winning legal claims, which I believe highly motivated my counterparty to seek a faster and more substantial settlement than would otherwise have been available. — L. C., Former Client

Dedication and hard work.

First let me thank you again for your dedication and hard work that you and your team provided to our case against King's Court. Words can not express what you and your team did. It was a joy working with your entire team. You gave your very best. I have never experienced such hardship and turmoil in my young adult life but working with you it was worth it. You informed us from the very beginning that what we were about to do would take time, would take endurance, and you would be in the fight with us as long as we were together. This was a stressful situation but you made it bearable. Again I want to thank you and your team for all you did and how you prevailed. — Katie Major-Tucker, Former Client

Record of success.

Even among the nation’s top tier class action and plaintiffs law firms, Sanford Heisler Sharp stands out in its record of success. Led by David Sanford and Jeremy Heisler, this Firm has proven again and again it has the necessary talent, experience, intelligence, creativity, and resources to represent workers and whistleblowers successfully against even the country’s largest employers. — Lorene Schaefer, Esq., President of WinWinResolve.com and Former GC of GE Transportation

Steadfastly committed.

It’s encouraging to work with a group of attorneys who are steadfastly committed not just to the clients, but to the cause of women’s equality. That dedication, combined with their remarkable knowledge and skill, allows them to attain momentous verdicts and results that set Sanford Heisler Sharp apart from other firms. — Jacqueline Pena, Lead Plaintiff in The Class Action Wellens v. Daiichi

Stepped up to the plate.

I work hard to support my family, and when my employer wasn’t compensating me for all of the hours I was putting in, Sanford Heisler Sharp stepped up to the plate. They handled the matter so expertly that not only did they get a great result, but also made it possible for me to continue working at the same company throughout the litigation and beyond. After what the Firm did for me, my family, and my colleagues, I don’t hesitate to send anyone needing help with their employer to Sanford Heisler Sharp. — Terri Kelly, Plaintiff in In re Novartis

A real pleasure.

I'm sure this is the case with other clients [Kate, Aimee, and Cansu] have worked with, but in my own experience it is uncommon, I think, to develop such a bond so quickly with attorneys . . . . I think [they] are masterful at molding [their] advocacy beautifully around the needs and the personality of [their] client . . . without compromising the strength of the representation one bit. It is a real pleasure to know [them]. — Former Client

Stellar reputation.

I contacted Sanford Heisler Sharp because of its stellar reputation as a champion for workplace gender equality. The Firm’s reputation is well-deserved. Through the Firm’s assistance, I achieved a settlement that allowed me to get out of a toxic, discriminatory work environment, and we sent a strong message that such unequal treatment of women will not be tolerated in this day and age. — Former Client and VP of a Major Technology Company

Kindness and compassion.

Each member of the Sanford Heisler Sharp team shows ultimate professionalism, mastery of the law, unwavering dedication to the clients and passion for the cause. And most important to me, kindness and compassion. — Donna Kassman, Lead Plaintiff in The Gender Discrimination Class Action Against KPMG

Achieve great results.

As an attorney on the defense side, I can say there is simply no one better than Sanford Heisler Sharp. That view is shared by defense attorneys around the country. They outwork the other side, master the law and facts, and achieve great results. — Maria Hallas, Attorney and Journalist

Professional and even-tempered.

David has the largely unique ability to be extremely aggressive and, at the same time, both very professional and even-tempered. Defendants who have a claim asserted by David Sanford and his firm know they have their hands full. You know you’re going to have a real fight on your hands. — Glen Nager, Partner at Jones Day

Difficult situation.

I can attest to Vince McKnight’s skills as a lawyer after a particularly difficult situation in my workplace arose. Who am I going to call when facing trouble? I’m calling Vince and his firm. Period. — Denise Slaughter, Client from Washington, DC

Exceeded our expectations.

We retained Mr. McKnight to represent us in a qui tam matter against one of our competitors that we suspected was violating the federal government contracting guidelines and certifications. The efficiency with which our claim was filed, heard and settled exceeded our expectations and we wouldn’t hesitate to utilize his expertise if the need ever arose again. — Malcolm Wilson, President at Perry & Wilson, Inc.

Successful outcome.

We retained Vince McKnight several years ago in a qui tam matter against a company that was illegally selling lamps and furniture to the U.S. government. He explained the process and was personally available and attentive throughout the course of the action. We had a successful outcome, which was important to our company, and to other companies, like mine, that followed the government contract guidelines. — Louis M Scutellaro, President at Mario Industries

Compassionate understanding.

When I suffered a grievous injury, I turned to Vincent McKnight who represented me in a complex malpractice matter, which was resolved during the early phases of discovery. Mr. McKnight’s compassionate understanding of my injuries and their psychological impact, combined with his brilliantly strategic and skillful litigation expertise, resulted in a great outcome. — Patricia Cornwell Johnson, Esq.

Quick action and thoroughness.

Unwavering and dedicated to achieving the best results for his clients, Vince McKnight has broad experience in representing companies and individuals. He skillfully moved the parties to a resolution in a highly sensitive matter to my satisfaction. As a practicing attorney, I appreciated his counsel, quick action and thoroughness. — Angela Ciccolo, Esq.

A great lawyer.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my case. Michael Palmer is a great lawyer and a kind man. — Katie Van Liew, Former Senior Institutional Account Specialist at Boehringer Ingelheim

Second to none.

I have worked with Sanford Heisler Sharp for many years and have found their team one of the best in the world. I personally work with law firms in the UK, Ireland, USA, and Australia and find the passion and hard-working nature of the team second to none. Combine this work ethic with a number of brilliant individuals, and this is what makes Sanford Heisler Sharp such a successful law firm. — Dr. Tony Nargol, MD

A voracious advocate.

I contacted Sanford Heisler Sharp because it has a stellar reputation as a champion for workplace gender equality. Upon taking my case, it became clear that that reputation is well-deserved; Sanford Heisler Sharp is a deft negotiator, a voracious advocate, and – most importantly – knows how to get results. Through its counsel, I achieved a settlement that allowed me to get out of a toxic, discriminatory work environment. We sent a strong message to the company that such unequal treatment of women will not be tolerated in this day and age. — Former Client and VP of a Major Technology Company

Remarkable knowledge and skill.

Sanford Heisler Sharp have taken the pharmaceutical industry by storm. They are shattering the glass ceiling imposed on women by pharma’s old boys’ club. Sanford Heisler Sharp is steadfastly committed not just to its clients, but to the cause of women’s equality. That dedication, combined with their remarkable knowledge and skill, allows them to attain the momentous verdicts and results that set Sanford Heisler Sharp apart from other firms. — Jacqueline Pena, Named Plaintiff in Wellens et. al. v. Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

Talented and gifted lawyer.

During my entire 30-year corporate career, I can say unequivocally that Grant Morris is the most talented and gifted lawyer with whom I have ever worked. The result was extraordinary. — Sam Cox, Qui Tam Relator and Former Director at Smith & Nephew

Attention and service.

Sanford Heisler Sharp can be compared to a first rate physician; the client is treated not just for the ailment, but the attention and service encompasses the entire body. No issue is too mundane for Sanford Heisler Sharp and the team is available 24/7 no matter the issue. — Suzy Reingold, Former Chief Operating Officer of Cushman & Wakefield

Professional and patient.

Sanford Heisler Sharp is professional and patient, and was very kind to me during a very trying time in my life. I would recommend Sanford Heisler Sharp as a firm that effectively strives to get the job done and that provides top-notch legal expertise and knowledge. — Employment Discrimination Client

Great work.

I want to congratulate my friend and fellow whistleblower lawyer Ross Brooks for the great work he did in a suit that tried to stop some really callous treatment of schoolchildren – special education kids, at that. — Lee Wallace, a Whistleblower Attorney at The Wallace Law Firm, L.L.C.

A great strategist.

David dedicated a large amount of time to get to know me and the circumstances of my case. He helped me maintain balance throughout the process. He always demonstrated clear thinking, self-confidence, and strength. He is extremely smart, experienced and a great strategist. — Claudia Goulart, Former Head of Health Care for GE in Latin America


When it comes to qui tam it would be hard to find a more dedicated team than the one lead by Ross Brooks at Sanford Heisler Sharp. They worked tirelessly to ensure my claim was filed swiftly and effectively. It was clear in his interactions with the justice department that Ross Brooks was well-respected, experienced, and had a good working relationship with them. Years later, I remain in contact with both David Sanford and Ross Brooks and continue to appreciate their consistent efforts to exceed all professional expectations. I highly recommend Ross Brooks and the Sanford Heisler Sharp qui tam team. — Angie Silva, Whistleblower

Astute legal counsel.

Sanford Heisler Sharp's hard work brought me and my fellow colleagues a resolution on a very difficult matter. I deeply appreciated not only their astute legal counsel, but also the understanding and human touch they used at every turn during the sometimes fraught process. As a lawyer myself, I felt privileged to have gotten the chance to work with them. They are making a difference in the world for the betterment of working women’s rights. — Female Law Partner

Empowering experience.

Working with Kate and her team at Sanford Heisler Sharp is an empowering, validating experience. Their professionalism and humanity, coupled with their passion for fairness and transparency, are at the core of their success. Whether working with individual clients or getting justice for groups of women who have been limited by gender bias in their careers, they are making a big contribution to women’s equality in the workplace. — Senior VP and Global Head in Cancer Research

Great team of personnel.

David [Sanford] is an awesome attorney, down to earth and has a big heart. I think he is a wonderful person and has a great team of personnel. I loved working with him I am so grateful for him and his team for all the time, effort, and support they gave me. — Donna Bryan, Former Client


The result was extraordinary. — Marc Thomas, Attorney and Former CEO of GE Aviation Materials

A fantastic firm.

David is very warm, he’s very smart, he made me feel like I was his only client. We never rushed when we had a conversation. He runs a fantastic firm.— Elly Rosenthal, Former CFO at Proskauer Rose LLP

I can’t thank them enough.

Balancing a career you love and early motherhood can feel impossible. When my employer demoted me because I’d asked for a place to pump breast milk, I felt despondent. A friend recommended that I contact the team at Sanford Heisler Sharp. I wish I had called them earlier. Kate Mueting, Felicia Gilbert, and Lindsay (Funk) listened to me, were respectful towards me, and assured me that my experience was objectively not okay (and not just an illusion of my hysterical lady-brain, as my employer insisted.) They got me the financial relief necessary to make a fresh start in my career. I can’t thank them enough.— A Former Client

Concern and understanding.

I worked with the team and Sanford Heisler Sharp in a class action litigation against a Fortune 500 company. A frightening thing for anyone to sign up for, let alone a middle-aged woman with more than 25 years at that same company. The care, concern, and understanding from David Sanford and the team at the firm was so supportive. They also knew exactly how to make the company pay attention, resolve the issues, and compensate the victims. I was able to leave with my dignity, my pride, and a future that has been wide open with new possibilities. — Margaret Harding, Former Client

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