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Sanford Heisler, LLP has created a dynamic environment designed to support its employees’ creativity and growth. We are a tightly-knit community committed to using the law to help craft and enforce a more just society.

The academic credentials, passion, and expertise of our lawyers are unparalleled, and we cultivate our team carefully. Indeed, the concentration of talent at Sanford Heisler is unique: more than 70% of our lawyers graduated from top ten law schools, with 40% hailing from Yale, Harvard or Stanford. The Firm’s leadership reflects the unparalleled nature of our lawyers’ experience and credentials. Three of our four offices are managed by a woman who graduated from Yale Law School.

That excellence begets excellence. Our legal assistants go on to study at the most prestigious graduate institutions in the country.  For example, in the upcoming 2015-2016 academic year, our former legal assistants will be studying at Yale Law School, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, Columbia Law School, NYU Law School, and the University of Michigan School of Graduate Studies.

Take a minute to learn more about our team, and you’ll see the impressive results that come from a true commitment to diversity. Within our diverse team, what unifies us all is a passion for the cause – we all work to use the power of the law to help create and enforce a more just society.

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