On Front Lines of Equality in Legal Sector – David Sanford, Attorney of Year Finalist, Empowering Female Partners to Sue Law Firm Employers

Posted November 2nd, 2018.

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Unthinkable: Suing your powerful law firm employer.

Then, Aaron Charney did just that.

He perceived himself a victim of bias because of his sexual orientation.

And, he landed on his feet, with both a settlement and another good job in BigLaw.

Now, partly because of the legal talent and support of David Sanford, co-founder of Sanford Heisler Sharp, more lawyers are filing lawsuits against their employers for various forms of discrimination.

An Attorney of the Year finalist, Sanford has become the go-to guy for litigation by female law partners alleging gender bias.

His most high-profile case had been that of Kerrie Campbell. Part of the intense media coverage came from the drama of her being forced out of her law firm. She now operates her own legal boutique.

As Scott Flaherty reports in Law.com, currently Sanford is representing plaintiffs in their allegations of gender discrimination against BigLaw players ranging from Jones Day to Ogletree.

It’s not hyperbolic to consider Sanford as a hero of our times.

The #MeToo movement is addressing sexual harassment. Sanford is taking care of the more direct career issues of compensation, promotion, and termination of female professionals. It could come that other lawyers who become prominent in that niche will be referred to as “Doing A Sanford.”

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