MetLife faces $50 million class action suit

Posted February 8th, 2017.

As it appeared on Insurance Business

by Allie Sanchez

Major insurer MetLife is facing a class action suit filed by claim specialists who worked on long term disability insurance claims. They are petitioning for back pay of their overtime hours over the past three years.

The suit was filed on behalf of the claims specialists by Sanford Heisler and Schneider Law Firm at the US District Court for the District of Connecticut.

According to a statement, the workers are asking for $50 million in collective damages from the insurance company.

The workers alleged that back pay is due to them from the overtime hours they rendered since their “reclassification” in 2013 and that they worked 45 to 60 hours per week compiling data on the disability claims.

Furthermore, the complaint is seeking to halt the reclassification of hourly employees, the statement said.

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