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Sanford Heisler Sharp’s New York office is located in Midtown Manhattan. The New York office works together with experienced attorneys in the firm’s  Washington, DC,  San Francisco,  San Diego,  Nashville, and Baltimore offices.

New York Partners

David Sanford, Sanford Heisler Sharp’s Chairman, has recovered more than one billion dollars for individual clients and the United States government since 2004. He has served as lead counsel in more than 50 class actions and numerous qui tam fraud cases around the country. David has also represented over 100 general counsel, in-house counsel, and lawyers in claims against their law firms and companies. Notably, David served as lead counsel in a gender discrimination class action against Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation that resulted in a $253 million verdict—the largest Title VII verdict in U.S. history.

Vice-Chairman Jeremy Heisler has had notable success in employment class actions and complex multi-party and multi-state litigation, producing more than $500 million in benefits to class members. Jeremy has established leading employment law precedents, including the expansion of the rights of wrongfully discharged employees. As lead counsel, Jeremy secured the largest wage and hour settlement of 2012 ($99 million). His other successes include a $19.2 million settlement from GE Capital (GE charged consumers with illegal fees) and a $15 million settlement from a major leasing company (consumers were defrauded).

The New York office is managed by Russell Kornblith. Russell is an experienced litigation attorney who represents individuals on matters of fraud against the U.S. government and employees in individual and class actions in a wide range of employment disputes, including suits alleging unlawful terminations, unlawful denials of promotions, unequal pay, and hostile work environments.

Partners and Wage and Hour Practice Group Co-Chairs Michael Palmer and Andrew Melzer litigate cases on behalf of employees who are denied wages they are entitled to receive by law. Their cases include claims where individuals are misclassified as independent contractors or managers, denied base pay or overtime pay for hours worked or denied meal and rest breaks.

Partner and Discrimination and Harassment Practice Group Co-Chair Alexandra Harwin represents clients who have experienced discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, and disability. She has recovered damages in both class actions and individual cases.

Partner Melinda Koster represents employees with a wide range of claims, including discrimination on the basis of gender, pregnancy, and age, in both public litigation and privately negotiated settlements.

Partner and Public Interest Litigation Practice Group Co-Chair David Tracey represents employees in individual and class actions involving 401(k) mismanagement, discrimination, wage and hour violations, employee benefits, and civil rights. He has represented numerous clients with discrimination claims in federal and state courts and administrative agencies. Mr. Tracey also frequently negotiates severance packages and settlement agreements for employees with claims of discrimination and retaliation.

New York Senior Attorneys

Katie Mesner-Hage works on gender discrimination cases, qui tam/whistleblower actions, and the firm’s opioid litigation on behalf of dozens of counties and cities across the nation.

Meredith Firetog’s practice involves a range of matters, including employment discrimination matters and criminal/sexual violence cases.

Nicole Wiitala works primarily in the firm’s Discrimination and Harassment and Criminal/Sexual Violence practice areas. She represents employees in a wide range of disputes, including claims of unlawful termination, unlawful denials of promotions, unequal pay, and hostile work environment, related to race, gender, pregnancy, protected leave, and disability. Ms. Wiitala also represents students and professors at universities who have been victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, other forms of gender discrimination and retaliation in violation of Title IX and other federal and state laws.

Carolin Guentert’s practice involves a wide range of matters, including employment discrimination, criminal/sexual violence, and civil rights. She represents clients in both public litigation and privately negotiated settlements.

Our New York Team

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