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Gender Discrimination and Harassment

We’re Thinking About Having It “All” All Wrong

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi made headlines recently, saying women still can’t have it all. The question of whether women can achieve success in both their professional and personal lives has been dissected at every angle. Some, like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, say that women absolutely can have it all, if they simply lean in to […]

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Working Mothers and the Accessibility of Social Services

Last month, Debra Harrell gave her 9-year-old daughter a cell phone and allowed her to play at a nearby park (less than a mile away from her job) for the day while she reported to work at McDonalds.  Normally, Harrell had her child accompany her to work where she sat at a table and played […]

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The Morning Dilemma Every Professional Woman Faces

As I scan the subway each morning on my ride to midtown, I cannot help but notice the stark differences in the way that women and men dress for work. Almost every man is in a dark suit or khakis with a light-colored button down. Women, on the other hand, tend to be dressed in […]

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A Balancing Act—Heels in the Workplace

Some women love them, some hate them, and some choose to bear with them. But beyond personal preference, heels have become a common and often an expected part of a woman’s professional attire. This was not necessarily true even 30 years ago. Stilettos have a complicated history, and women have grappled with making sense of […]

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Women and Minority Executives are Penalized for Valuing Diversity

A new study from the University of Colorado-Boulder found that women and minority corporate executives who hired and promoted other women and minorities received lower performance ratings than their white male colleagues. This penalization perpetuates the glass ceiling that women and minorities struggle to shatter. The study provides one explanation for the observation that women […]

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Maleficent Stages the Runway: Wear What You Want

Films in the past have overwhelmingly perpetuated two paradoxical perceptions of women: the Charlie’s Angels-style seductive and naïve-yet-smart female; or the infamous Miranda Priestly’s vicious bulldog persona (from The Devil Wears Prada). Sarah Palin underscored the pervasiveness of these two stereotypes when she married them, offering the public her own self-designed portrait as a “pitbull […]

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“You and I” are #Flawless

Recently, there has been a surge of “feminist” videos and lyrics in pop culture.  This effort to incorporate messages surrounding the role of women in society into mass media has been received by an audience far broader than the traditional women’s studies set. These videos can also be viewed as a commentary on women’s lives […]

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Gendered Social Norms and Access to New Technologies

Google’s 2013 public release of the wearable technology Google Glass has added another dimension to the way we, as humans, use and integrate technology into our everyday lives.  “The Glass” is part of a new line of immersive technologies that seamlessly integrates with its wearers’ experiences of the world.  For example, instead of having to […]

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On Non-traditional Career Arcs: A Thank You to Working Moms

Although gender and pregnancy discrimination cases are a central part of my legal practice, Pregnant Lawyers’ July 11, 2014 post “Lawyering While Pregnant” was an alarming reminder to me of how far removed my experiences as a male professional are from the experiences of my female colleagues and clients, particularly those who are going through […]

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Why #MightyKacy Matters to Working Women

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. I’m talking about a clip from American Ninja Warrior. And this clip matters, not just to those of us who might treat shows like this as a guilty pleasure. Because of Kacy Catanzaro, and the incredible physical feat she accomplishes, matters. She’s tiny. Physically tiny. Five feet […]

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