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Gender Discrimination and Harassment

“You and I” are #Flawless

Recently, there has been a surge of “feminist” videos and lyrics in pop culture.  This effort to incorporate messages surrounding the role of women in society into mass media has been received by an audience far broader than the traditional women’s studies set. These videos can also be viewed as a commentary on women’s lives […]

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Gendered Social Norms and Access to New Technologies

Google’s 2013 public release of the wearable technology Google Glass has added another dimension to the way we, as humans, use and integrate technology into our everyday lives.  “The Glass” is part of a new line of immersive technologies that seamlessly integrates with its wearers’ experiences of the world.  For example, instead of having to […]

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On Non-traditional Career Arcs: A Thank You to Working Moms

Although gender and pregnancy discrimination cases are a central part of my legal practice, Pregnant Lawyers’ July 11, 2014 post “Lawyering While Pregnant” was an alarming reminder to me of how far removed my experiences as a male professional are from the experiences of my female colleagues and clients, particularly those who are going through […]

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Why #MightyKacy Matters to Working Women

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. I’m talking about a clip from American Ninja Warrior. And this clip matters, not just to those of us who might treat shows like this as a guilty pleasure. Because of Kacy Catanzaro, and the incredible physical feat she accomplishes, matters. She’s tiny. Physically tiny. Five feet […]

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Lady Lawyer Lessons*: Recording Regrets

A performance review.  An unexpected meeting called by Human Resources.  A conversation where you’ll be requesting a raise or a promotion.  A discussion where you report a colleague who has been saying inappropriate things. It’s understandable why a smart employee – particularly in our technologically-dependent world – would think it was a great idea to […]

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Lawyering While Pregnant

I’m writing this from my office, high above a large city in the northeast, where I’m sitting, hopped up on a variety of medications designed to combat the violent nausea and sometimes blinding headaches that come, for me, with being almost ten weeks pregnant. At the moment, the meds are working ok, as they do […]

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Study Links Views on Female Economic Dependence and Disapproval of Female Sexuality

The term “barefoot and pregnant” is a figure of speech that generally refers to the idea that a woman’s place is in the home.  In other words, a “traditional” woman should not be working outside the home and should not be freely accessing contraception.  A recent study confirms a link between those two “traditional” notions. […]

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Shattering The Brass Ceiling

Last week, a brass ceiling was shattered.  For the first time in its 238-year history, the United States Navy promoted a woman to the rank of four-star admiral, the service’s highest rank.  Admiral Michelle J. Howard is now Vice Chief of Naval Operations, making her the second highest-ranking officer in the Navy. Hopefully, the significance […]

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“Non-Traditional” Glass Ceilings

“I love my trade very much. I love watching nothing become something.” — Mary Battle, quoted in “Women in Construction: Still Breaking Ground.” Sometimes there are glass ceilings so far from our field of focus that we fail to see them at all.  A report published by the National Women’s Law Center last month analyzes […]

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#likeagirl #likeaboss

The new Always commercial that’s garnered a lot of internet attention over the past week does an important thing—it successfully highlights how thoughtless gender stereotypes can be.  The ad and the Like a Girl campaign are part of an effort “to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond.”  (And yes, […]

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