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Investment Fraud Lawyers

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When you hire a financial advisor or an investment firm to maintain your savings for retirement, you expect that the firm or advisor will have your best interests in mind when making decisions about your money. Sometimes, an unscrupulous advisor will take advantage of you, charging you high hidden fees while pocketing a profit on your losses. When this occurs, it is investment fraud and it is illegal.

If you suffered a loss because of investment fraud, you’re going to need lawyers who will fight on your behalf. The investment fraud lawyers at Sanford Heisler Sharp have spent decades fighting for those who lost their retirement savings because of investment fraud. We help fraud victims recover their losses and bring those responsible to justice.

What is Considered Investment Fraud?

When you hire a professional, such as a financial advisor or stockbroker, to handle your investments, that person has a fiduciary duty to recommend investments that are appropriate to your circumstances. This means the professional has not only an ethical responsibility but a legal duty, to act in the best interests of their client.

However, this is not always the case. The investment professional exploits that trust and may recommend or buy unsuitable investments for you or charge excessive and hidden fees. So, when your investments wither away, that financial professional will continue to make money.

Our Investment Fraud Lawyers Hold Investors Accountable

Investors should demand better from their investment professionals. As investments continue to play an ever-increasing role in our society, the mission of Sanford Heisler Sharp to secure justice for abused investors is more compelling than ever. Some examples of investment fraud cases that our lawyers handle include:

  • Sales of unregister securities
  • Sales of securities by “finders” and unlicensed broker-dealers
  • Misconduct by the broker-dealer
  • Investment advisor/financial planner misconduct
  • Securities fraud

If you were a victim of an investment scam conducted by an investment professional, you’ll need the experience of an investment fraud lawyer. Contact the financial services litigation lawyers at Sanford Heisler Sharp now for an evaluation of your case. To learn more about financial advisor misconduct, click here.

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