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Corporate Executives and Attorneys

Corporate Executives and Attorneys Legal Representation

Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP has particular expertise representing corporate executives and attorneys. In many of those representations, we negotiate new contracts or exit packages. Work at this level requires discreet and nimble legal representation, as many of these negotiations are conducted confidentially. As a result, some of our biggest successes are never exposed to the press or public scrutiny.

Our most common goal is to reach an amicable, confidential, and relatively quick resolution to the conflict. To that end, we often use a third-party neutral for a day or two of mediation. When necessary and favored by our clients, we bring publicly-filed lawsuits.

We represent CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, HR Heads, General Counsels, Senior In-House Legal Counsel, and other upper-level management at Fortune 100 companies throughout the United States.

Representing Corporate Executives & Attorneys

Working on Behalf of Corporate Executives and Attorneys

We are currently:

  • negotiating an exit package on behalf of a wrongfully-terminated general counsel and head of U.S. Litigation of an international corporation;
  • negotiating a new contract regarding options and compensation on behalf of a CEO at a biotechnology firm;
  • representing a surgeon in a fraud (qui tam) matter against a medical device company;
  • negotiating an exit package on behalf of a current senior executive at one of the nation’s largest investment banking and securities firms; and
  • representing a former VP in her sexual harassment, pay, promotion, and constructive discharge claims against an international defense contractor.

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