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No anti-discrimination policy until late 2011? Silicon Valley tech companies have a long way to go

Posted March 19th, 2015 by in Employment Discrimination.

As my colleague Yonina wrote recently, Ellen Pao’s trial is well underway here in San Francisco. Ms. Pao, a former junior partner at the high-profile venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KCPB), is now suing KCPB for $16 million in damages as a result of the gender discrimination she alleges went unchecked at […]

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Would You Rather Work or Marry?

Posted March 12th, 2015 by in Employment Discrimination.

The issue of same-sex marriage is once again before the United States Supreme Court. Last time the Court addressed this topic, the Court rightly invalidated Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, which restricted the federal definition of marriage to a marriage between a man and a woman. This time around, the Court will […]

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Q&A with Debrah Farnell

Posted February 27th, 2015 by in Employment Discrimination.

Many women in this country have a complicated relationship with money. Research tells us that women fear becoming bag ladies, even when they are not even close. Women are less likely than men to initiate salary increase negotiations, and whey they do they’re labeled as bitches. Overall, they are less likely to be socialized in […]

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Can Size Discrimination Be Sex Discrimination?

Posted February 19th, 2015 by in Employment Discrimination.

From First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to NBC’s controversial hit show The Biggest Loser, Americans are flooded with messages about the obesity epidemic in this country and what it means for our long-term health.  But there’s been a lot less talk about how being overweight or obese affects individuals who are trying to […]

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Love (or “LUV”) in the Air… Some History on Discrimination in the Airline Industry

Posted February 18th, 2015 by in Employment Discrimination.

In a belated celebration of Valentine’s Day, I want to tell a love story. But don’t worry, this won’t get mawkish. This is a story of modern love, of commercial love, of a four-letter (sometimes, three-letter) slogan (“love” or “LUV”) perverted to discriminatory ends. (This also an aviation tale, and if you haven’t read my […]

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#Discrimination in 140 Characters or Less

Posted February 12th, 2015 by in Employment Discrimination.

Earlier this week, news broke that Jeb Bush’s recently-hired Chief Technology Officer, Ethan Czahor, had been purging his Twitter account. What was he trying to delete? Around forty-five sexist, homophobic, and otherwise offensive tweets. Buzzfeed has a good sampling of the deleted tweets, but I’ve pasted two below for your reading pleasure: “When I burp […]

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After a Decade of Lobbying, Recognition

Posted February 10th, 2015 by in Employment Discrimination.

This week, the New York Times had a fascinating story on the University of Vermont, which has decided to recognize students who do not identify as males or females by a third gender: “Neutral.” The change is the result of a decade of lobbying and internal discussions about how best to include different members of […]

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Q&A with Altomease Kennedy: “To do as well, you must do better”

Posted January 23rd, 2015 by in Employment Discrimination.

Altomease “Al” Kennedy is a trailblazer who wears many caps.  Al is a partner at Sanford Heisler Sharp and practices qui tam law, representing employees who blow the whistle on companies that are cheating and stealing from the government.  Al has worked full-time as an attorney for forty years while raising two children with her husband, […]

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For the Children

Posted January 15th, 2015 by in Employment Discrimination.

Often employers seek to portray the employee who files a discrimination claim as self- interested, pursuing the claim out of spite or greed.  We, who do this work, know that righting discrimination is a socially-valuable undertaking because a more diverse workplace benefits employees, clients, consumers, and the business itself.  But remedying employment discrimination also has […]

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Sacking Saks: It’s Time to End Employment Discrimination Against Transgender People

Posted January 13th, 2015 by in Employment Discrimination.

Transgender issues have been front and center this past week. At Sunday’s Golden Globes awards ceremony, the innovative online show Transparent took home two awards, one for Best TV Series – Musical or Comedy and one for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. Both acceptance speeches were personal and moving, with the show’s creator, Jill […]

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