Western Digital Class Action

Case Description

Case Type: Gender Discrimination
Company: Western Digital

On May 14, 2019, Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP filed a class and collective action lawsuit against Western Digital Corporation and Western Digital Technologies, Inc. on behalf of a class of female employees. The case alleges discrimination against women in pay, promotions, and job placement on behalf of all women employed by Western Digital Technologies, Inc., Western Digital (Fremont), LLC, and/or Western Digital Media, LLC in an indirect labor position at or below the Senior Manager level.

This case has been settled and the class settlement is pending court approval. If the Court approves, Western Digital will make a non-reversionary payment of $7.75 million to settle class claims for gender discrimination and unequal pay for female employees. The majority of this fund will be distributed to class members.

The class Settlement also requires Western Digital to institute comprehensive programmatic relief designed to ensure equal opportunities for women at the company. Pursuant to the Settlement’s programmatic relief provisions, Western Digital has initiated several measures and will undertake others designed to enhance equity, objectivity, and transparency in pay and promotions. These measures include: creating a plan to increase the number of women hired and promoted to leadership, educating employees on non-discrimination policies, conducting statistical analyses of gender equity in pay and promotions, and to revamping the Company’s internal complaint procedures. Western Digital will also appoint an internal compliance monitor, who will ensure the implementation and compliance with the agreement and provide reports to the attorneys representing the class.

For more information, please email WDGenderLawsuit@sanfordheisler.com.

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